Healthy Veggie Pasta Recipe for Kids

Are you worried that your toddler isn’t eating well and healthy? Do you try to sneak in veggies in his/ her meals? And does he/ she still manages to find them and throw them out? Then we are of the same tribe who strive to feed their kids as healthy meal as possible.

We all know by now that a healthy meal isn’t something a toddler will naturally like. Heck even I don’t like healthy stuff 😀

Researching and trying different recipes made me successful in my pursuit one day, when I made a healthy, full of invisible veggies pasta.


1 cauliflower

2-3 florets Broccoli and/or 1 Zucchini

2 cups pasta

10-12 pods garlic

Cheese – Processed or mozzarella

Oregano Seasoning

Olive oil

Parsley for garnishing


Boil pasta, with some salt and olive oil. On the other burner, steam chopped cauliflower, broccoli and/ or zucchini and garlic in a cooker. Once the veggies are cooked, let them cool a bit and grind them to a smooth paste. I also like to add a bit of parsley leaves, but it’s completely optional.

Pasta Sauce

Heat oil in a wok, and roast some more garlic. Pour the cauliflower sauce and let it boil. Now, add some cheese to this hot cauliflower sauce. You can use any type of cheese, in any quantity you like. I add cheese to suppress the taste of cauliflower and fool the toddler! HAHAHA!!! I’ve used Amul’s processed cheese cubes and also mozzarella cheese, and both have served the purpose excellently. Add salt and any seasoning you like. I add seasoning again for the same purpose of disguising the taste J Mix pasta to the sauce. Garnish with some parsley leaves if you wish, which will be picked and definitely kept in your plate 😉 But let’s be happy we managed to feed cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini to our kids.

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Urban Decay Lipstick Review – Backtalk Comfort Matte

Hey Guys,

How have you been doing? It’s been quite long now since I wrote a lipstick review 🙂  but I’m back now!

So I recently went for a vacation to Thailand, with shopping on my mind 😉 😉

I planned to shop the local Thai makeup brands, and I saw an Urban Decay store, and the amazing shades of lipsticks. And….the rest is history J I have a lot of pink shades in my collection, the only shade that was missing was a daily wear pink shade, darker than nude J I told them my weird specifications for the shade, and the first shade that they showed me was bang on! The perfect shade – Backtalk Comfort Matte from the VICE range.

Product Claims:

It is a creamy formula that applies smoothly, and is highly pigmented. It nourishes, hydrates and enhances the lips, leaving them soft and conditioned.


The lipstick was packed in a pretty black cardboard box, and inside was a classy metallic, shiny case. The case is super solid, and doesn’t seem it would break easily. Thankfully, I haven’t had a chance to check how solid it is! 😉 I’m in love with the unique sturdy packaging.


My Review:

I was looking for a subtle shade and fell in love with this one. It’s a warm mauve that goes well with a smokey eye at night and office meetings during the day. This is my go-to shade, when nothing else seems to match. And true to its claims, its super creamy and very well pigmented. It gives a fresh matte finish without drying up the lips, and keeps the lips hydrated and nourished. It stays on for a good amount of time, about 5 hours with light meals in between. I like that it doesn’t settle into the fine lines.

Single Swatch

What works:

  • Creamy yet matte finish
  • Doesn’t dry on the lips
  • Stays put for a decent time with meals
  • Attractive packaging
  • I personally love the shade

What doesn’t:

Not available in India, but there’s really nothing negative about the lipstick.

Rating: 5/5



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